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Accepting parcels without appearance is much needed in these generation as busy world is floating the peoples. we have got a secured solutions for parcels with our product Intelligent locker system which give you smart phone access code as remote guidance to drop off your Parcels, Food or Drinks, Precious products in storage unit until you reach your residence for pickup. Size and design of locker is completely customizable based on requirement and additional features requirement.

Our product will completely save 12 hours per week work of an individual in a residential buildings.

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Customized Intelligent
Residential locker is here 
for your comfort

Customized Intelligent
Retail or Business locker is here for convenience

Ecommerce market is evolving since digital products is easy to order from any place with an smartphone applications from service provider. Rate the returns are very high since customers not satisfied with feel of product when received. In order to save shipping cost and parcel deliveries omni channel distribution done from service providers. So customers can drop the parcels in locker systems for returns in specific area channel.


Our product intelligent locker system  provides retailers up by 35% with reverse logistics.

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